25-year ship lifecycle questioned

Are the days of the 25-year lifecycle over for ships? Two-thirds of Splash readers in our latest quarterly poll believe the shelf life of today’s vessels is set to become shorter as technology breakthroughs accelerate along with looming environmental regulations.

“We will see reduced lifecycles now, only because relatively new ships will not be able to compete with vessels that are more efficient. But when new propulsion schemes will be available, the increased prices of the vessels will be palatable only by allowing an increased economic life,” one reader commented while voting in MarPoll, Splash’s topical shipping survey.

The diverse survey also looks at seafarer shortages post-Covid, dual-fuelled ships, and the commodities supercycle. Voting closes at the end of this week with results carried in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine.

Voting takes just two minutes to complete and there is no registration. To vote, click here.


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