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2M worries Ministry of Commerce

Beijing: Following the P3 alliance being denied by China’s Ministry of Transport, Maersk and MSC are currently working to establish a smaller alliance 2M and hoping to get approval from the Chinese authorities, however, China’s Ministry of Commerce is still showing concerns.

In a release by China Shipowners’ Association (CSA), Shang Ming, chief of Anti-monopoly Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, said the ministry is still worried that the 2M alliance might create a new monopoly in China.

Zhang Shouguo, chief secretary of CSA, said the 2M alliance will further enhance the competitiveness of Maersk and MSC which will bring more challenges to Chinese shipping companies, adding that currently only less than 33% of the import and export cargo in China is shipped by Chinese shipping companies.

However, both CSA and Ministry of Commerce didn’t clearly oppose the 2M alliance. Currently they are still discussing the matter. [29/07/14]


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