Is dual fuel the newbuild new normal?

Is dual fuel the newbuild new normal? That’s one of eight questions posed in the latest MarPoll, our quarterly survey looking at topical issues affecting the shipping industry.

The volume of LNG-capable ships on order is growing fast, and Splash has reported new design breakthroughs this year that promise dual fuel ships, which do not use either heavy fuel oil or LNG. But just how much of all newbuilds ordered in the 2020s – shipping’s propulsion transition decade – will be geared up to run on two different fuels?

Other topics covered in the survey look at what regulators might do in the wake of the current record profits – and dire reliability – for liner shipping as well as pondering the hype behind the commodities supercycle.

Voting on the eight questions takes as little as two minutes to do and there is no registration. Results will be carried in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine. Results of the last MarPoll are carried below. Vote now by clicking here.

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