Aframax tanker strikes wharf near New Orleans

Aframax tanker strikes wharf near New Orleans

The US Coast Guard was investigating on Wednesday how an empty oil tanker managed to hit a wharf on the Mississippi River near New Orleans on Tuesday night.

Cyprus-flagged vessel Nordbay suffered a hole in its hull after striking Spain Street Wharf where it appeared to have caused substantial damage.

No pollution or injuries were reported.

The 2007-built vessel was subsequently docked on the river near Algiers and restricted to general anchorage while inspection, repairs and USCG’s investigation continue.

Initial reports had incorrectly claimed that the tanker hit the Jefferson Parish water intake, which had raised concerns about possible effect on the water supply.

There have been a number of incidents of vessels, mostly towboats and barges, crashing into bridges along the Mississippi since the recent extreme weather and flooding raised water levels.

Nordbay is owned by Germany’s Reederei Nord and operating in the Heidmar – Sigma tankers pool.

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