Africa Risk Compliance: A guide to shipping in West Africa

Africa Risk Compliance: A guide to shipping in West Africa

Africa Risk Compliance (ARC), a new management company operating in West Africa offering full operational support services as well as security solutions to shipping companies in the region, launched this week. It has a long experience working in maritime security in West Africa and has built up strong relationships with governments and regional navies in the region.

Michael Wingate, ceo of the London-based firm, says ARC is trying to position itself as an extension of its clients’ office in West Africa.

ARCs services range from security provision and advice, to full operational support and logistic services, shipping agency support and a variety of brokerage services, all underpinned by comprehensive insurances and legal support.

Moreover, as the name suggests, while initially the focus is on West Africa, the company has the skillset to cover the whole continent.

“The company was established with a focus on the whole African continent, and our ability and knowledge of how to quickly enter complex markets allows us to provide a wide variety of bespoke solutions in an abundance of African countries,” Wingate tells Maritime CEO. He has already helped clients in Burkina Faso, South Sudan and Kenya.

Aside from the tanker market, due to the oil and gas production in the area, Wingate notes there has been an increase in container shipping in and around West Africa, as the coastal countries provide access to shipping for landlocked countries. An increase in size of vessel has also occurred, especially those from Asia.

“With this and the development of regional port infrastructure and a desire to diversify economies, we can expect shipping volumes to continue to increase,” he says.

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