Middle East

Alternate export route for Lebanese agricultural products

Dubai: The Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chamber chairman for Sidon, Mohammed Hassan Saleh, has announced plans for alternative routes for farm products as the Syrian crisis has made exports difficult.

"Because of the negative repercussions that hit traffic exports of agricultural products from Lebanon, especially from the south and north and the Bekaa, due to the Syrian crisis and the difficulty of transporting these products overland through Syria to Arab countries, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon has initiated in coordination with the Ministries of Agriculture and Public Works and Transport, and with colleagues in the chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture in the north and in Zahle, to adopt alternative plans to maintain the continuity of the flow of exports of Lebanese agricultural products to the Arab and regional markets. A maritime line between Lebanon and the port of Aqaba to transport trucks by sea is to open, from where the products can then be moved safely overland.”  [27/03/13]

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