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AMOS: Supplying ships during the pandemic

Among the sub-sectors that have had struggled to operate normally during the pandemic spare a thought for ship suppliers.

An inability to deliver onboard, supply chain issues, reduced available staff at warehouses – these are all challenges faced by ship suppliers around the world over the past two years.

Keith Mullin, the CEO of Singapore-headquartered supplier AMOS Group, explains how his teams around the world have had to develop new ways of working recently.

Supply chains have been severely impacted with flow on for lead times, logistics costs and even the ability to access some traditional suppliers and markets,” Mullin tells Maritime CEO.

There are some positives from this, he says, since innovation has been required to maintain the required level of service.

Mullin and his team have been investing heavily in digital solutions, and this is beginning to pay off with tangible efficiencies.

“Any company not investing in digital/technology solutions will in my opinion struggle to survive. To that end in AMOS we have brought onboard AI and machine learning expertise, creating the future solutions that will ‘step change’ the way that we do business,” Mullin says,

Mullin, who started out as a seafarer in 1979, has more than 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He was appointed to lead AMOS last June, a 48-year-old firm with a network spanning the globe.

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