AMSA orders Chinese owners to repatriate crew onboard ship almost two years

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has ordered Tianjin Shun Xin Yuan Shipping to repatriate nine crewmembers who have been onboard general cargo ship Brio Faith for more than 12 months.

During an inspection onboard the ship in Port Alma, AMSA found three crew had been onboard for over 12 months, four for over 16 months and another two for over 20 months.

AMSA refused the owner’s proposal to keep the seafarers onboard until the next port, Shanghai, and issued a direction notice prohibiting the ship from departing until all nine seafarers had been repatriated.

Those seafarers are now making their way to Brisbane to take international flights home.

The ship embarked fresh crew to meet its minimum manning requirements and departed on Wednesday.

“Seafarers are keeping the world’s international shipping industry and economy going – they are critical. It should be every operator’s and owner’s highest priority to ensure the welfare of their seafarers, and safety of their operations is maintained. 20 months on board with no leave is completely unacceptable and will lead to increased risk of accidents,” said AMSA operations north manager Greg Witherall.

Jason Jiang

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  1. Unable to care for their own sailors, Australia tortures the sailors of other nations.

    1. Did you read the story, troll? It’s the “People’s Republic” of China, who keeps their sailors as slaves. Just like in their cotton industry. China shouldn’t be let to take shipping markets by benefiting from slavery at sea.

  2. I am working on MV Gold Eagle a cargo carrier, our 3rd Mate, 3 oilers, 2 ABs they all have been onboard for 19 months now, with now light of getting signed off.

  3. It’s sad how such companies have taken advantage of the situation….there are still a few good companies around which have done their best to repatriate crew by organizing chartered flights…amsa is one of the few port states that actually work for the well being of the sea farers and as such needs to be commended

  4. Other way round mate,your talking Shit mate.Australia hasn’t owned a company in years,this story is regarding a Chinese owned ship & crew.-Try Again

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