Analysis: Yards demise

Dalian: What is becoming evident in the shipbuilding crisis affecting China is that the years of the greenfield, private upstarts have come to a crashing end. Going forward China’s yards landscape will be dominated once again by the state run giants, CSIC and CSSC with a handful of leading, pragmatic private yards also in the mix. Yards with onerous debts in 2012 will find in it impossible to endure the order drought of the coming three years. The massive slimming of China’s bloated shipbuilding sector will lead to less than 50 shipyards exporting ocean going ships by the end of 2015, according to SinoShip analysis. The ability to meet owners’ more specific demands in the downturn, rather than merely offering standard designs, will be vital. Yards without a very significant spending on r&d will fall by the wayside.  Check out the forthcoming Issue 3 of SinoShip magazine for more on the winners and losers in China’s shipbuilding sector. [10/08/12]

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