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Andre Eichman: Capturing the moment

Hong Kong: For the majority of us photography is simply a matter of pointing and clicking and hoping for something half decent to pop up on the screen. For André Eichman it is an art form. Eichman, an American who has been living in Hong Kong for the past 20-odd years, has been involved in countless gallery and book projects, his work appearing in many of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines.
Living on an island in Hong Kong, Eichman’s commute takes him past towering containerships and into busy Victoria Harbour everyday. This perhaps was the seed of a long-term fascination with shipping. Eichman has done photography work for class societies ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s Register over the years plus a host of leading shipmanagers, all of which has given him privileged access to shipyards and life onboard ship.
“I love the challenge of trying to build a successful series of images around a client’s needs and guidance. The ships and shipyards are amazing places to photograph, there’s always a possibility of getting an iconic shot,” he says. “These big beasts of steel being made, and the small workers – by comparison – can make for great photography.”
Eichman says he’s a big fan of Life magazine and the stories that they used to cover back in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s. “Going into the yards and having the opportunity to shoot the ships and the men and women who work there is a lot like that for me, and I like to make the most out of each job I do,” he relates.
Does shipping have an image problem, Maritime CEO asks the acclaimed photographer.

“I think in this day and age visual communication is a huge side of most businesses and it’s a mistake to ignore it,” Eichman says. “Shipping in my opinion is an area where the visual side of things seems to take a back seat.”

There’s a real advantage, he says, in keeping up to date with your image so it doesn’t start to look too tired and out of date.

“A clear visual representation of your company can set you miles apart from the competition,” he reckons.

Eichman, who shot the cover images for both the launch of Maritime CEO magazine and SinoShip magazine and continues to provide Asia Shipping Media with unique photographic moments such as a recent typhoon, is primarily working on his fine art work. This includes a book called Faith, which is a photo essay about pilgrims. Metropolis X, meanwhile, is another series depicting Hong Kong. [30/09/14]

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