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Andreas Nordseth: Five points to run IMO

Copenhagen: In the fifth interview out of the six candidates running for the post of secretary-general of the International Maritime Organization Maritime CEO heads to Copenhagen to catch up with Andreas Nordseth, widely perceived as one of the frontrunners for the United Nations job.

The vote to succeed Koji Sekimizu takes place later this month. Nordseth is clear in which way he sees IMO must run. He tells Maritime CEO: “IMO must remain the global focal point for maritime regulation.”

Nordseth has five key planks to his election campaign. First, a continuous focus on safety for ships, seafarers and passengers. Secondly, further improvement of the sustainability of shipping, taking, he says, “a holistic approach” encompassing environmental, social and economic. Thirdly, he wants to uphold and indeed upgrade standards for the training and education that ensure quality seafarers as well as a stronger focus on the seafarers’ daily work with safety and administration. Fourthly, he calls for strong technical cooperation where member states cooperate to implement and enforce IMO regulation and standards.

“Last but not least,” he says, “we must continue working to reduce administrative burdens and make sure that maritime regulation and standards are able to realise the advantages of new technologies.”

Concluding, Nordseth says: “The time is ripe to focus on the smooth practical implementation being it for the member states’ administrations, the industry as a whole and the seafarers.”

Nordseth’s views can be compared to four other candiates running for the secretary-general position at IMO. Readers can access the viewpoints of the candidates from Korea, Russia, Cyrpus and Kenya by clicking on the bold country hyperlinks.


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