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Armaturen-Wolff: Keeping it in the family

Hamburg: Shipping is an industry where family businesses are common. Few however are as steeped in close family ties as Armaturen-Wolff, the Hamburg valve specialists. Founded in 1945, the company today is run by the second and third generations of the founder, namely his son, Rainer Wolff, and two grandsons, Hendrik and Mathias. All three are named as managing directors of the firm. Despite many warning families should not work together as it can lead to bitter arguments Hendrik (pictured left, with brother Mathias) insists there is no problems with each of the three mds having different skill sets and focusing on different parts of the business.
Among its many products, a hot seller are Armaturen-Wolff’s quick closing valves, a useful addition onboard in case of a fire and something the company can offer in a unique way, with an electric control system.
Another clever piece of engineering is the firm’s filtration system which is made of aluminium, making it far lighter than anything else on the market.
The company’s valve chests, meanwhile, are, according to Hendrik Wolff, a convenient way to save space in the engine room.
Built in association with Meyer Werft, Armaturen-Wolff’s new filter system is made with safety in mind, with a locking system linked to the pump and sea inlet valves, nixing engine room flood risks.
Another new product is the company’s flexible reach rods, providing a remote way of accessing hard to reach valves.  [24/03/14]

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