Armed pirates loot OSV in Gulf of Mexico

An armed group of at least five people illegally boarded the offshore support vessel Crest Tarasco in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and stole tools, communication equipment, and 35 autonomous breathing apparatuses.

According to the information provided by the crew to local media, the assailants reached the ship when it was nine nautical miles southwest of the Hokchi oil and gas field, boarded it, and fired shots into the air. The crew took refuge in rooms below the deck to avoid being taken as hostages or being injured.

The incident was recorded on May 21 off the coast of Dos Bocas, Tabasco at around 23.00 hrs local time. The crew revealed that despite the fact they notified the navy, the criminals fled with the stolen goods.

No injuries have been reported. Nevertheless, the crew pointed out that the insecurity that exists in the Gulf of Mexico is increasing, which is why fear grows for the integrity of the workers who work not only on ships but also on offshore platforms.

Adis Ajdin

Adis is an experienced news reporter with a background in finance, media and education. He has written across the spectrum of offshore energy and ocean industries for many years and is a member of International Federation of Journalists. Previously he had written for Navingo media group titles including Offshore Energy, Subsea World News and Marine Energy.


  1. In many ways this article is very misleading by using the words, “GULF OF MEXICO”. even though we all know just how large the GULF Of MEXICO actually is and how many separate countries border it all the way down through the lesser and lower “Antilles”.

    But then I’ve seen surveys done when those words are mentioned, people don’t think of Mexico they don’t think of Costa Rica they don’t think of Cuba or Jamaica. They don’t think of any of the islands in the Caribbean. The number one place they think of????? is Florida.

    And then,

    Mississippi Alabama Louisiana Texas not necessarily in that order after Florida. In fact the second place people think of, is TEXAS. After picking Florida. AND, where the RIGS are located up here in the, “NORTHERN-GULF,” You’re not going to see modern day pirating here off the coast of Texas or Louisiana, on Rigs or on any, any of the different type OSV Vessels. Which there is a myriad of different type vessels working the “Northern Gulf.

    And furthermore you would never see men “COWERING, SHIVERING” IN FEAR after locking themselves in certain quarters or, behind steel doors 🚪 of a storage type room. Negative. The men up here in the Northern Gulf working in the Oil&Gas Industry, would do all they can to not only stop these pirates, but do what they could to kill them. And, the men working on the vessels up here, are heavily armed…….

    1. The first part. I agree. 26 years offshore diver here. But, dude. No. There is never ANYONE armed. While we would hardly cower or hide the coast guard is the ultimate detourant. Anyway even if offshore of MX we would most likely drop REAL HEAVY SHIT on any little boats trying to board us.

    2. This location is in very south of Mexico, just west of Cancun. Meaning it was a Mexican oil service ship that was attacked.

    3. Louisiana native here. Many family members work offshore. Literally none are armed on oil platforms.

    4. I wonder if Govt of Mexico n mexican oil industry is lax about
      Not Having Enough Security.

      It is too much piracy– Somalian pirates, Russian pirates in Ukraine, now this one.
      Simple rule ot cists money to have safety.

    5. It doesn’t matter where in the Gulf Of Mexico it happened, it Never should have, but also there should be radio beacon with a direct contact with either the Navy, and or Coast Guard, with a key fob carried by the captain, and the first mate, at All times

    6. It’s only misleading because us Americans don’t realize there’s an entire world out there. It is called the gulf of Mexico. It’s not the gulf of Florida.

    7. I’m offshore in the gulf as I read this, and I’ll say we definitely don’t have any firearms out here that I know of but I’m not the OIM or anything. But we definitely wouldn’t be cowering, in that same breath though nobody is bullet proof so who knows how each individual would act. Our coast guard would definitely be here sooner than later. I’m only an hour flight from Houma tho.

    8. Actually noon of the US vessels are armed. The companies ban them even carrying knives and directly them to lock the doors to keep the pirates out and if they are captured to comply.

      If they fly out they even have too go through metal detectors and x ray to find knives and weapons.

      Northern Gulf if the least projected area I have ever sailed. Further more the people in board would probably give the pirates whatever they wanted to avoid confrontation.

  2. Worst activity is summer Hurricanes- where I worked in 1957AD! I stayed last to favor Oil Company’s property. Helicopter pad was impossible to use, and I went below to reach a work boat and it had a V-shaped bow on which I threw my baggage. Next wave came and I reached the steel rail, and was hanging over raging seas; deckhand’s eyes got like saucers from an Adrinalin shot, and he hurled over the rail- saving my life! Sad to say, I lay there until reaching port- never even finding the big Swede’s name!

  3. It takes desperate men to board a ship to steal green beret scuba gear and chicken biscuits ! Appreciate ur honesty. . It’s the desperation poverty of these pro robbers that’s noticable oil man

    1. We are at war with Russia and China..Putin is challenging NATO..NATO is threatening .We didint think We were vulnerable and along came 911…Underwater gear that navy seals would use is a serious threat..We didint think Pearl harbor would be attacked either..The minds of men are depraved and hearts wicked and deceitful..We can’t even trust our own government..Covid didint just happen..nothing was by accident..The pirates are not so much the threat..Who they are shopping for….is a whole different story.

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