Average lifetime of ships is set to get younger

The average lifetime of ships is set to get younger, voters in an ongoing poll carried on this site overwhelmingly believe.

With still six weeks to go in our latest quarterly MarPoll survey, currently 88% of respondents believe ships will be scrapped at an earlier average age.

“Technological developments in high capital cost components will shorten the lifecycle to 15 years, the time of the third special survey,” one voter commented.

“Due to oversupply of vessels, older – and obsolescent – vessels are getting scrapped,” another reader maintained.

The results of our latest MarPoll will be revealed in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine.

Other topics in the current MarPoll look at available finance for retrofits and which cities are leading shipping’s digital tech innovations. To vote takes just two minutes (although we do appreciate comments as well) and there is no registration. To vote, click here.

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