BC’s Chamber of Shipping slams planned ban on oil tankers

The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia said it is against the Canadian federal government’s planned ban on oil tankers calling at ports in northern BC.

Last week Transportation Minister Marc Garneau introduced a bill that would turn into law an informal ban that has been in place for some time.

It would apply to vessels carrying 12,500 metric tons of oil – either for export or import – and bring to fruition a campaign promise made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a written statement the Chamber, which represents the interests of the marine community in western Canada, said the ban contradicts the federal government’s stated intention of using evidence-based decision making in its environmental protection policy.

It also said that the ban sent a harmful message to international investors, hurting the national economy in which a fifth of jobs and three-fifths of GDP are directly linked to exports.

Donal Scully

With 28 years experience writing and editing for newspapers in the UK and Hong Kong, Donal is now based in California from where he covers the Americas for Splash as well as ensuring the site is loaded through the Western Hemisphere timezone.
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