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Beijing mulls offshore platform white list

Beijing: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is currently working on a ‘white list’ for China’s offshore platform builders in an effort to tighten the regulations of the sector.

MIIT has sent out a notice with draft regulations it has just made to the relevant companies and asked them to send applications voluntarily.

Comparing with the white list for the shipbuilding industry, which was released in September, the white list”for offshore platform builders has added technology innovation capability and project management capability as new conditions for evaluations.

MIIT said the new white list aims to better regulate and optimize the offshore platform sector, and also promote mergers in the sector.

The shipbuilding white list, which has seen 51 yards manage to get accreditation, was designed to slim down China’s bloated yard scene, with those on the list finding easier access to capital. [12/11/14]



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