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Bermuda strike action ends

Bermuda’s Hamilton docks were preparing to return to normal operations as widespread strike action ended after five days on Friday, according to Bermuda’s Royal Gazette.

Some 400 full and 200 empty containers sat dockside needing handling.

Two container ships, the Oleander (6,533 dwt, built 1990) and the Bermuda Islander (3,725 dwt, built 2001) have been waiting in berths for several days with cargo ready to unload.

Some essential supplies were taken off both vessels on Thursday when striking stevedores helped remove and unload 20 containers including perishable items and animal feed. Around 150 containers remained on the two ships as of Friday.

Dockworkers were among a swathe of public service workers who withheld their labour in protest at a controversial immigration reform bill before the national Assembly. There were also street protests against the reforms. The government backed down and dropped the bill on Friday.

The Oleander’s operating company Neptune Group, not knowing how long the “withdrawal of labour” would last, had already chartered a replacement vessel to ship the next scheduled container delivery from New Jersey in the US to Bermuda.


Donal Scully

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