Greater China

Calls to link Liaoning and Shandong

Dalian: Hui Kai, president of Dalian Port Group and Mu Fanmin, chairman of Penglai Jinchuang Group, have together submitted a proposal of accelerating the project of building a cross-Bohai Strait channel connecting Dalian in Liaoning province and Yantai in Shandong province. Whether it be a giant bridge or tunnel remains unclear, either would be a world record breaker.

“The project will have a significant strategic meaning to the development of Bohai Rim’s economy, and Northeast China, Bohai Rim and Yangtze River Delta will be much better connected and become a giant market network once the project is completed,” Hui reckoned.

The Bohai Rim is one of China's most important economic areas, with more than 150 cities and a population of 300m. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has already started researching the feasibility of the project. Estimated cost on the project is RMB200bn. [12/03/13]

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