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Charterers urged to play their part in getting seafarers home

Charterers are urged today to play their part in ensuring crew get home. The latest episode of the Maritime CEO Seafarer Leader Series powered by Ocean Technologies Group features Jacqueline Smith, the maritime coordinator at the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and Francesco Gargiulo, the CEO of the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) – the two having worked closely in recent months trying to alleviate the crew change crisis, issuing many joint statements warning of the risks of seafarers working too long at sea.

Both Smith and Gargiulo said in the Wallem Group-sponsored episode that charterers had so far been largely missing from the crew repatriation solution and they could have a very important financial part to play in solving the puzzle.

There is little appetite on the charterers’ part to share in the problems that the industry is facing

Smith said she would like to see charterers held more responsible for the welfare of crew.

Shipping organisation BIMCO has developed a deviation clause, which seeks to share some of the financial burden of getting crew repatriated during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The sad news is there’s been very little uptake of that clause because there is little appetite on the charterers’ part to share in the problems that the industry is facing,” said IMEC’s Gargiulo.

Smith and Gargiulo then went on to highlight what seafarer regulation changes they would like to see in the post-coronavirus era.

Next week the Wallem-sponsored series features the views of seafarers from across the globe.

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  1. My regulatory proposal: Cut all financial contributions to ITF and IMEC. Only from UN they receive about 1.000.000$ / year.

  2. On behalf of workers, What are the pressure measures proposed by ITF until now? NONE!!!! ZERO!!!
    On behalf of shipmanagers, What are the solutions proposed by IMEC until now? NONE!!! ZERO!!!

    If ITF and IMEC can keep charging THOUSANDS of dollars every day on behalf of seamen, without any result, they will not comply their duty ever!


    1. I’m not aware of what actions have been taken by the ITF and IMEC but if there are none it’s nothing but shame and greedy world .

    2. Interesting to read about the money IMEC supposedly charges…. do you have any idea of what it costs to be IMEC Member? I love keyboard tigers that write without knowing what they are talking about.

      1. Supposedly ??
        IMEC has millions of dollars invested in the stock market, and in companies like MAERSK.
        Do you think people are stupid?

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