China Merchants Group and DHL Launch the Qianhaiwan Integrated Logistics Centre

China Merchants Bonded Logistics Co, a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, and DHL jointly opened the DHL Qianhaiwan Integrated Logistics Centre located at the Qianhaiwan Bonded Port on July 19.

 Shenzhen Qianhaiwan bonded zone is currently operated by China Merchants Group, and DHL commenced operations there in 2008. The two groups signed a strategic agreement in 2009 on developments of port operation, warehousing and logistics.

“The project combines CMG's expertise in asset-heavy investment, bonded port operations and management with DHL's established role in logistics and advanced customer service capabilities. The Qianhaiwan Integrated Logistics Centreis an important pillar of DHL's global logistics strategy, operating as DHL's regional shipping hub and distribution centre in southern China,” DHL said. [20/07/12]

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