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China’s biggest scrap yards apply for EU certification

Shanghai: The world’s two biggest ship scrap yards by capacity, China’s Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling and Jiang Xiagang Changjiang Ship Recycling Yard, have applied for the inclusion of their facilities in the future EU list of Ship Recycling Facilities.

The two yards’ applications are the first submitted from a country outside the EU.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has commenced its initial verification of the yards’ ship recycling facility plans (SRFP) and will help them to complete their applications to the European Commission.

Dutch body Sea2Cradle has also been assisting the shipyards in complying with international, regional and local regulatory requirements.

LR will conduct inspections of the shipyard sites to ensure they are compliant with the IMO’s convention on ship recycling (The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships) and the European Ship Recycling Regulation, which was adopted by the European Commission in November 2013.

Once these inspections have been successfully completed, LR says it will be in a position to provide the yards with a certificate of compliance in early 2015.

The quality level of details of waste handling and waste disposal, incorporated in the SRFP, is the basis of the EU application.

“We welcome the initiative of the European Union and invite them to audit and inspect our yards at any given time. We are pleased to improve and invest further to achieve the highest level required,” said Li Hongwei, owner of Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling.

Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling and Jiang Xiagang Changjiang Ship Recycling Yard have capacities of 100 vessels (1.1m LDT) and 120 vessels (1.2m LDT) respectively. [18/12/14]


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