Class societies blasted for money mongering in latest Maritime CEO survey

Singapore: Classification societies have come under attack from readers taking the latest Maritime CEO survey.

One of the eight questions posed in the poll, which closes in three weeks time, asked whether classification societies are as reliable today as 10 years ago. With more than 350 votes cast, opinion is divided on this issue, 52% suggesting they are not and 48% reckoning they are. With voters allowed to leave anonymous comments, however, the societies have come in for some harsh attacks.

They were labelled money mongering by one respondent, while another person left the following insightful comment: “Common Structural Rules were essential for the industry in that they set a quality standard that every class should deliver. But they also made it harder for them differentiate their product, driving the industry towards commoditisation and a dangerous race to the bottom on price. Class needs to make a decision. Do they want to sell products, or consult? They can’t do both.”

The back page of every issue of Maritime CEO magazine always carries the results of our so-called MarPoll, which often draws more than 1,000 votes.

Voting is free, there is no registration and takes less than two minutes – there is also room for readers to leave anonymous comments too if you feel strongly on some of the issues raised; the spiciest comments tend to make it into the magazine.

This MarPoll looks at many key themes affecting shipping today including the threats posed by cyber attacks and terrorism, crew welfare, the sustainability of the tanker bull run, Big Data and China’s ECA plans.

To take the vote, click here.



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