Container freight rates deemed unlikely to bounce back this decade

A majority of Splash readers fear container freight rates will only pick up later than 2020. With 10 days to go until voting closes in our quarterly online survey, called MarPoll, roughly one quarter of the more than 500 respondents to date feel container freight rates will pick up only after 2020.

“Shipping may have to accept the bubble has burst and what was will not be again. There is a new normal and companies need to plan as such,” one respondent noted.

Other questions posed in the survey look at shipbuilding capacity, the tanker market, state intervention in shipping and Brexit. Voting takes as little as two minutes (though you can leave comments by each answer, something we encourage) and there is no registration.

To vote, click here.



  1. Andy — well spotted — rubbish editing/writing on my behalf — essentially there were plenty of other options, eg 2017, 2018, etc — but the majority plumped for after 2020

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