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Dalian – Yantai tunnel project back on

Dalian: China is set to spend RMB260bn ($42bn) to build the world’s longest undersea tunnel going from Dalian under Bohai Bay to Yantai. The 123 km long tunnel has been on the cards for a long time – it was first mooted 19 years ago – but it is understood the project has now received official approval. The tunnel would be more than twice as long as the current record holder. Japan has the world's longest undersea tunnel at the moment. The 54 km Seikan tunnel links Honshu and Hokkaido islands. It started operating in 1988 after more than two decades of construction. The Channel Tunnel between England and France is about 51 km long.  [12/07/13]


Calls to link Liaoning and Shandong

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