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Dalian Maritime University: Talent search

The downturn of the shipping industry has lasted for several years now with 2015 unlikely to see any quick return to health. While there are some shipowners eking out a profit, many of the big names are in the red.
Securing decent human resources amid a protracted shipping recession is proving difficult.
Financially troubled Chinese shipowners, facing many tough decisions, need to spend far greater attention in recruiting highly qualified shipping professionals, Sun Yuqing, president of Dalian Maritime University, tells Maritime CEO.
Owners need to improve in their long term planning, Sun says.
“Having a solid, secured line up of talent in advance can help a company overcome difficulties fast,” Sun says.
However, while the growing amount of new maritime colleges and the training organisations in China have delivered many more graduates in recent years, some of them have not been trained well. While they might be cheaper to hire, they will not actually contribute a lot to a company’s development, Sun warns.
Dalian Maritime University holds a unique place in China as the only central government funded shipping tertiary education institution. Its alumni are a roll call of many of the leading names in Chinese shipping over the decades.
Currently, the university is developing a unique English learning broadcasting system, which will allow students to learn English anywhere in the campus. English should not be a problem for DMU students going forward, Sun reckons.
Sun was appointed as the president of Dalian Maritime University in July this year by the Ministry of Transport. He says his top priority is to better develop the university’s integration into society and the shipping industry.
The university is actively in talks with industry players, including shipping lines, port operators and maritime training companies to help graduates to find suitable jobs under the current tricky environment as well as to share the research results of the university to the industry as a whole.
“These graduates from Dalian Maritime University would be precious to any company who hires them,” he says, adding: “I believe our graduates are good, after several years development, they will become the nucleus of any company.” [10/12/14]

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