Damen’s second metal spinning machine starts ops

Shanghai: The innovative propeller nozzle manufacturing method with basically one single weld only, is now operational in the Chinese plant of Damen Marine Components (DMC).

“The nozzles can be manufactured somewhat lighter and have a smoother inside. Traditional propeller nozzle manufacturing requires a minimum ten up to thirty or more welds at the inside of the nozzle, depending on size. Our new technique requires less welding and in addition gives a much smoother surface. What could be better than that?”, said  Cees Bons, Senior Production Manager with Damen Marine Components in China.

The machine in Jiang Yin, China can handle carbon steel to a maximum of 36 millimeters thickness, and stainless steel and Duplex to a maximum of 25 millimeters.

DMC’s new spinning machine was assembled in China by Korean engineers under the supervision of Cees Bons, assisted by some members of the Jiang Yin crew. It is a pioneer in more ways than one, being the marine components manufacturer’s first operation in Jiang Yin, near the Yangtze River.

A production hall is temporarily being rented there ahead of DMC’s removal, lock stock and barrel, from Suzhou. The company will shift to a new 12,000 sq m plant in China next year. [10/12/13]

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