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Danish Maritime: ‘Priorities must be given to first movers’

Copenhagen: People coming to Copenhagen this week for the 80-plus events clustered around Danish Maritime Days will hear a lot about playing fields. Danes feel strongly they are at the forefront of shipping technology – and adopting greener operations – but are at a disadvantage if others skirt environmental regulations.

Jenny Braat, managing director of Danish Maritime, an industry association for equipment manufacturers, is by no means the first person to talk ‘level playing fields’ with Maritime CEO this week.

“As the Danish maritime industry is competing in an ever competitive and global marketplace, a level playing field must be ensured and the rules enforced so that the market distortions are affected,” Braat says.

Braat suggests that to promote greener shipping: “Priorities and protections must be given to first movers—those who invest early in new technologies–among equipment manufacturers, service providers, shipyards as well as shipowners.”

Much of Denmark’s cutting edge maritime technology will be on display this week at the Danish Maritime Fair and under discussion at the Danish Maritime Technology Conference.

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