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Daoda to build the largest floating dry dock in the US

Shanghai: Vigor Industrial announced that it has reached an agreement with Daoda Marine Heavy Industry Company (DDHI) to purchase a new floating dry dock for $40m, which will be the largest floating drydock in the US.

The new drydock will be stationed in Portland, and it will be 300 feet longer than the largest drydock Vigor currently owns.
DDHI will build the drydock at its shipyard in Jiangsu, China, for delivery by March 2014. It will be towed to Portland in three pieces for assembly.

"We are thrilled that Vigor chose us as a partner for this major capital investment," said Victor Huang, Vice President of DDHI. "Our world-class facilities and experience allow us to provide the best quality drydock at the most competitive price." [16/01/13]

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