DataStreamX: AIS revolution

DataStreamX: AIS revolution

Singapore: SpaceQuest has partnered with DataStreamX to distribute real-time, streaming satellite AIS data on 200,000 ships online through the DataStreamX data marketplace. For the first time, commercial vessels can be tracked via streaming satellite AIS information on-demand.

No longer do AIS buyers need to haggle over contracts or price structure. Instead, buyers can log into, find the AIS data set that meets their needs and purchase immediately.

“The DataStreamX marketplace launched last week and we are seeking to change outdated maritime models with SpaceQuest,” the two companies said in a release today.

DataStreamX was founded by Mike Davie, a man who has been leading the commercialisation of disruptive mobile technology and ICT infrastructure for a decade with leading global technology firms in Asia, Middle East and North America.
DataStreamX’s platform enables data sellers to stream their data to global buyers across various industries in real time, multiplying their data revenue without having to invest in costly infrastructure and sales teams.

Prior to founding DataStreamX, Davie was a member of the Advanced Mobile Product Strategy Division at Samsung where he developed go-to-market strategies for cutting edge technologies created in the Samsung R&D Labs.

Of today’s announcement, Davie tells Maritime CEO: “We are the only online data marketplace to support streaming AIS data. We give buyers worldwide a frictionless marketplace to source a variety of data products in different formats.”

Davies reckons there is a lot of “latent, long tail AIS demand” that can only be fulfilled, he says, by indirect sales through channel partners like DataStreamX.

Up next for DataStreamX are complimentary data products in weather, import/export trade, and supply chain data.

“We will really be a one-stop marketplace for all data needs,” Davie claims.

On what the future holds for AIS, Davie says: “I imagine that more AIS companies, both terrestrial and satellite, will see the opportunity that DataStreamX is creating for AIS data. We will see a variety of a la carte products for specific use cases and geographies so that users can buy in a self-serve model, and instantly.”



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