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Detained Chinese bulkers leave Indonesian ports

Dalian: More than 20 bulkers that were detained at Indonesian ports have gained permission to leave and are leaving the ports successively after the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia intervened in the matter.

Shanghai Erli International Ship Management, a bulk shipping company that operates between China and Indonesia, announced that its vessels “Aeriko” and “Royal Ocean” which were detained at a port of Southeast Sulawesi have already left the port with the help of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. “As far as we know, currently there haven’t been any more legal Chinese ships detained at the ports,” the company said in an announcement.

According to an official from the embassy, the Indonesian authorities said the reason of the detention was that some Indonesian miners didn’t have completed paperwork for mining and some of their export quotas have expired.

Indonesia’s new policy of forbidding raw ore exports came into effect yesterday. The policy aims to increase export value of ore products and provide more job opportunities, however, it is opposed by local exporters. [13/01/14]


Chinese bulkers detained at Indonesian ports

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