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Dualog: Internet priorities

Tromsø: Norwegian comms firm Dualog is growing fast – with more than 500 ships set to join its servers this year.

Established in 1994 in Norway, Dualog is one of the world’s leading independent providers of ship-shore data communications services.

Its latest product is a system to manage the internet quota onboard.

“This system, explains ceo Morten Lind-Olsen, “enables shipmanagers and owners to allocate an internet quota to all users onboard according to availability, priorities and company policies.”

Lind-Olsen reckons that in tougher times top management at shipping companies look more into running more efficiently and that helps put focus on solutions like Dualog Connection Suite that is a sophisticated system for managing and controlling data communication between ship and shore.

“We see a change towards realising these added values and the benefit of better crew welfare. Even though cost has to come down, the C-level people realise the importance of reliability and quality,” says Lind-Olsen.


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