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Dubai Petroleum finds gas in offshore Dubai well

Dubai: Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE) has identified significant volumes of gas in its T-02 deep gas exploration well, located in the offshore Fateh field in the Arabian Gulf, around 100km off the coast from Dubai.

The high-pressure and high-temperature T-02 well is the deepest well in Dubai to date, and has been drilled 18,248 feet into the Pre Khuff formation.

Current indications are that the gas found is largely methane with no hydrogen sulphide content.

Gas was found in an earlier well, T-01, drilled into the Khuff formation in 1981 to a depth of 17,397 feet, but test results indicated that significant levels of hydrogen sulphide and nitrogen present. These gases make gas production and treatment difficult and expensive in an offshore environment.

T-02 is currently being suspended to allow for later re-entry, stimulation and long-term production testing.

Potential reserves and possible production rates will be estimated after the testing phase. DPE expects to have the test results in late summer 2015. [16/10/14]

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