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Edmiston: Selling luxury PSVs

London: Amid the depressed OSV scene there have been some very creative ideas to get ships employed. Readers might recall Dutch yard Damen’s recent idea of repurposing laid up PSVs for alternative uses, including “live fish carrying situations”.

Now, a superyacht specialist has come up with something just as radical. Edmiston & Company, which focuses on super and mega yacht sales, charters and management, is marketing the Vard1 – 08 Kilkea – in effect a luxury OSV.


Yours for $62m, the 82 m long vessel can take 36 guests just about anywhere. The man tasked with selling these ships, Nick Burleigh, tells Maritime CEO: “The idea is based on a go anywhere yacht, that can go anywhere. Targets are existing owners of large super yachts that either want a support vessel or those that would think about a second yacht that would spend its time in the more unusual areas.”

Decks can include all sorts of functions, like a squash court and an indoor swimming pool. “It has enough room to offer anything an owner would want,” Burleigh says.

“We have interest, and I would expect more to follow as I believe having the Vard brand gives the whole venture credibility,” Burleigh reveals.

Shipyard Vard has a PSV ready for conversion (pictured along with an artist’s impression of a completed version).




  1. Great Idea to keep some vessel operating, and great opportunity to create employment on shoreside during re-fit.

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