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Egypt gets back to work after huge day of protest

Cairo: Workers in the transport sector in Egypt said that shipping companies suspended their activities in a number of coastal cities yesterday as massive demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi took place.

Mohamed Ali Twigg, director of customs clearance at Aramex transport and shipping company in Port Said, said that the transport contractors stopped the traffic of goods from the ports of West Port Said to all Egyptian governorates completely starting from the morning of 30 June, in anticipation of any violence.

Twigg said in a telephone interview: "Transport companies slowed their work throughout the past 48 hours of 29 June, but it stopped working completely on the 30th in the morning."

Egyptian army units intensified security procedures along the Suez Canal and the three Canal cities – Port Said, Suez and Ismailia, and the ports of Port Said east and west, yesterday.

This morning however the chairman of the Red Sea Ports Authority, Mohamed Abdel Kader Gaballah, said that work is now going on as normal in the eight authority ports.  [01/07/13]

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