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Enviroports: Challenging waste removal

Enviroports, a new Swiss specialist in maritime waste solutions, is expanding its global network.

Enviroports was conceived in July 2017, and according to Lachlan Larkins, the managing director, the company has spent the last six months building and refining its global network of maritime service partners. The company mainly offers maritime services that have an environmentally sensitive aspect: sludge and slop disposal, sewage disposal, fresh water supply, de-bunkering and tank cleaning.

Larkins has noticed that the tightening regulations on the marine environment have recently created an incentive for companies to expand businesses in this field. Taking about the current situation in the market, Larkins believes there’s more awareness among big shipowners to remove their waste in an environmentally friendly manner, which is encouraging to see.

“However, what remains a challenge is that in many parts of the world, waste removal services are limited or non-existent,” he warns, adding that small shipowners tend to be less aware of the risks they run – both for the environment, and for themselves, when disposing of waste with third parties who provide no transparency.

“I think we can look to see further growth of major disposal and treatment areas, especially around concentrated shipping lanes – specifically canals and large ports,” he maintains.

Larkins reckons MARPOL and EU regulations on the marine environment are already stringent but in terms of implementation, it is critical that regulatory bodies find the people with the experience and knowledge to be able to transfer legislation to action and secondly, there is a time constraint in training people quickly enough to monitor the implementation of the regulations.

“Enviroports is defined more by its network and global local knowledge, rather than technology itself. Therefore, it is the research, diligence and skilled work of our teams, who in tandem with our choice network of Enviroports’ partners, allows our company to deliver real value to our maritime clients,” Larkins says.

In the medium term, Enviroports plans to consolidate its global network so that it consistently provides maritime waste solutions for all vessels around the world.

“We would like to see this industry become more sophisticated and transparent by leading the charge towards ensuring global standards that match our own,” Larkins concludes.

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