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ESC Global Security: Vital public and private sectors work together to secure the world’s seas

Tallinn: “Trust, high standards of service, professionalism, discipline and strict supervision between all parties will ensure that our seas remain safe.” That’s the view of Jannus Rahumägi, president and CEO, ESC Global Security, an Estonian private security firm involved in maritime, land and cyber operations.

A secure shipping environment can be guaranteed only through good cooperation between the private and public sector, Rahumägi says.

As well as detailing the issues with the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and the growing piracy scourge in Southeast Asia, Rahumägi reckons cyber security and terrorism will be the main challenges the maritime industry will face over the coming years.

West Africa also remains a major issue but the international community has been unable to find a satisfactory solution to stabilise the situation.

“I really can’t see a solution to this escalating problem unless West African governments engage in dialogue and cooperation with the shipping industry and stick to internationally recognised standards and procedures of the security,” Rahumägi says.

ESC is managing Estonia’s IT, cyber security and other hi-tech capabilities and it is part of a consulting consortium regarding security issues for the New Suez Canal project among other high profile projects around the world.


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