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Eveon Containers: Digital box vendors

The buying of metal containers has finally got the Amazon treatment. Long an antiquated part of the shipping business, it’s now possible to go to a website, fill in your postcode and how many boxes you’re after, and a price flashes up on the screen instantly.

The platform, Eveon Containers, was founded and launched in Germany by Aad Storm last October, a propitious time to go to market given how hot a commodity the humble container has become in the intervening months.

Storm was working with a container trader as its chief commercial officer before creating Eveon. Before that he had worked in the telecoms and energy markets.

“The container market is still quite old fashioned,” Storm relates. “You have to call someone, get a quotation, and get multiple sources for the right information. It was about time to bring some transparency for the container market with a fully digital solution.”

With Eveon that transparency has been delivered. Pricing on the platform varies on location and volume discounts.

After the German launch, Eveon is now entering the Austrian market, with plans to roll out the platform to a further 25 countries across the world.

“The idea is to scale up to offer a global coverage, to offer visibility and a new buying experience,” Storm says.

In the seven months since launching the availability of containers has become a major mainstream news story across the world, the scarcity pushing up prices for metal boxes dramatically. Eveon data shows box prices have actually doubled since last October with Storm warning readers today the surge is by no means over.

“Container prices are still slightly rising,” Storm says. “It is kind of starting to stabilise a bit but many people think the situation will continue through to the end of the year. It will take time for the whole global supply chain to balance out again.”

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