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Evergreen boxship loses 36 containers in rough seas

Taiwanese containerline Evergreen Marine has announced that 36 containers have fallen off its 2014-built post-panamax vessel Ever Liberal due to rough sea conditions.

The incident happened while the ship was en route to Los Angeles after leaving the Port of Busan.

According to the company, the 8,452 teu ship encountered strong winds off the south of Kyushu, Japan, causing the collapse of container stacks on the vessel. Twenty-one containers fell onto the deck, while 36 fell into the sea.

The company said no personnel were injured in the incident and none of the containers contained hazardous cargo The ship notified Japan Coast Guard about the incident immediately.

Following the incident, the ship changed its course to Taipei for inspections and Evergreen said everything possible is being done to retrieve the lost containers.

Jason Jiang

Jason is one of the most prolific writers on the diverse China shipping & logistics industry and his access to the major maritime players with business in China has proved an invaluable source of exclusives. Having been working at Asia Shipping Media since inception, Jason is the chief correspondent of Splash and associate editor of Maritime CEO magazine. Previously he had written for a host of titles including Supply Chain Asia, Cargo Facts and Air Cargo Week.


    1. Surely. And moon phases, including whale mating habits too. Wonder, what has caused the total wipe out of all those commentators, who in the case of APUS ONE and Wakashio, were singing here paens about first rate world countries and their superior crews, blaming FOC and cheap labour for all the evils.

      TAIWANESE ship.?????? Google it Mr. Editor to find out the flag was
      U. K. Have copied one comment here, that lasted only 15 minutes, that nailed the issue but see, that it was not to editors liking and ruined the promulgated agenda of FOC and cheap crews. Looks like wiping is editors winning combo.

      1. No you haven’t! Evergreen have been operating ships under the UK flag for decades without one British national on board. I saw this back in the 90s when their ships came into the container terminal at Roberts Bank near Vancouver. For decades the UK flag has been a flag of financial.convenience. All shipowners know the UK flag allows for 100% free depreciation in the first year. Friend Slawowir should first learn something about the modern shipping industry. The case against cheap crews holds. That formerly closed registers became open registers is no surprise. Those closed registers that don’t open their registers usually have a second register flying the same flag. Nothing has changed.

        1. Hello Captain,

          It was learning to read your comment.

          I am not from shipping industry though we are exporters.

          Captain do you publish some blog or website where I can follow you and keep learning.


        2. Mr.Colin Smith
          I have received strange request from one of the commentators, who seems to be blocked by Editor’s.

          He is unable to give You a direct answer, hence he contacted me to help him. Since I can not see anything suspicious, vulgar or abusive in his text I have decided to help.

          Hope Editors and You do not mind my inadvertent interference .

          Of course fairness of such situation should be a good topic for discussion at a later stage. Have a good night.

          Alias Captain Colin Smith.M.Sc.
          No you haven’t!
          End quote.
          Have read my post many times trying to figure what is it , that I haven’t! as there are many things I haven’t .

          Hence it seems fair to conclude , that You enjoy the privilege of clairvoyance or seeing , what I had barely been able to copy with one click, before it was deleted by irritated editors driven by their highly inflated patriotic egos.

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          Seems the former colonists have not forgotten their old tricks of POWER :
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          So before I proceed with my ritual of : ‘”Kesselschlacht”, which you seem to so urgently desire I would appreciate , that your “friends” arrange for fair game without leading me into a skillfully arranged trap by tying up my right hand with their diligent censorship.

          I promise I will not swear and insult You or others.

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          Last but not least I would appreciate Your honest answer on the following questions:
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          I am asking this questions as one of the most eloquent GURU and my IDOL “scribbling here on maritime affairs” declared in one of his valuable pieces printed here that:
          We are all lying in shipping. Are we not???
          End quote.
          Cheers. S. D. Palenda

          1. It is difficult to extract any coherent meaning from the above text. If you wrote like this to the Editor l am not surprised he deleted it. I should likewise reject it because it is incoherent gibberish, which is only saved by the two professed questions, which l actually understood.
            (A) No
            (B). I believe it has been renamed “University of the Southwest’. With the demise of the UK shipping industry l suspect the School of Maritime Studies is also no more. The full title is
            “Trends and Patterns in Human Rights Violations at Sea” by C.V.D Smith. Academic year 1983. Master of Science degree in International Shipping.(It was awarded a Distinction) l sold a few copies, maybe 3, for around £33 each. I don’t know where they keep them now. The typist and copier l paid for were atrocious , so a few years ago l had it retyped and laser-printed in London. All those copies went to my family.
            I have treated you with a great deal more respect and patience than you have so far extended to me. Your friend asserted rather triumphantly that a developed world flag(in this case the red ensign) denoted a developed world(UK)crew. I disabused him of the notion. This has not been the case since at least the 1979 Thatcher government. I think the lesson that your friend should learn is always get your facts right before applying pen to paper.

    1. Here are the vessels numbers. IMO: 9604160, MMSI: 235102678
      I’m afraid l don’t run a blog or website. Apart from UK MFG, I attended academic/practical courses in Maritime Studies at what was then Plymouth School of Maritime Studies, Devon,UK. The first year was a Diploma in Management Studies, the second year, combining the diploma with my MFG allowed me to sit a Master of Science degree in International Shipping.,
      The reason l’m telling you this is because this is by far the best route for eventually achieving high office in ship management ashore. The academic courses with a very strong practical component layered on,say, 10 years at sea, is an unbeatable combination of experience plus knowledge. The courses expose you to Contract, Admiralty, Collision and Insurance law, operations research, and many other disciplines having a practical as well as theoretical application. I tell you this because if you want your career to flourish rather than stagnate you should look at doing some further studying, before jumping into the job market ashore. Good luck, every one.

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