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exactEarth: Big Data meets AIS

Cambridge: Through its satellite AIS global vessel tracking system exactEarth is offering a comprehensive ability to shipowners and fleet managers to track their vessels of interest regardless of global location for a price point that its president, Peter Mabson, claims is far lower than conventional satcom-based systems.

In addition exactEarth will soon be offering information utilities to shipowners and fleet managers that will allow them to optimise fuel consumption and vessel routing/ETAs in conjunction with ports logistics systems in order to maximise voyage economic efficiency. “These products are merely the first examples of what can be done by our leading edge Big Data system that can fuse different information sets together in real time and provide high value information to shipowners which they can utilize to reduce their business operating costs,” Mabson tells Maritime CEO.

Founded in Cambridge, Ontario in 2009, exactEarth leverages advanced microsatellite technology to deliver vessel monitoring solutions.

The company is in the process of deploying its second generation global VHF satellite constellation. When this is fully in place at the end of next year this will provide a capability to the global shipping industry to route any sort of data from the vessel to any other party in real time regardless of vessel location.

“Given the very low cost of satellite VHF transmission,” Mabson points out, “this will open up opportunities for the global shipping community to route all sorts of data  – cargo data, arrival and other mandatory reporting, and vessel and engine telemetry, etc – from anywhere in the world and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”


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