FMC commissioner gives backing to HMM alliance with 2M

The commissioner of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has issued a statement of support for the strategic alliance announced between container shipping giants Maersk Line of Denmark, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) of Switzerland and Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) of South Korea.

But Doyle also clarified that this new agreement did not include terms of the previously announced so-called 2M alliance, which involves vessel sharing between Maersk and MSC but does not include HMM. So shippers should be clear that the new agreement is not the same as 2M, Doyle emphasized.

2M which comes into effect on April 1 (Saturday), is a 10-year agreement on vessel sharing on Asia-Europe, trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic trades as the carriers try to optimize capacity. It is seen as a response to the Hanjin Shipping collapse which left many shippers’ cargoes in limbo.

This new Maersk/MSC/HMM Strategic Cooperation Agreement is immediately effective as of Thursday (March 30).

The FMC is an independent federal agency responsible for regulating America’s ocean-borne international transportation

Donal Scully

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