FORCE Technology: Singapore bound

FORCE Technology: Singapore bound

Copenhagen: At next month’s Asia Pacific Maritime 2016 show in Singapore, Denmark’s FORCE Technology will be demonstrating a new jack-up facility that enables offshore operators to optimise security and cut down operational costs.

The facility enables the entire transitional period from DP to leg touchdown, soft pinning of the legs and to jacking up to be simulated very accurately.

The jack-up facility has already been sold to a large private operator based in Singapore that is using the simulator in order to be able to optimise security when operating in the open sea.

“The ability to simulate the entire operation in a virtual environment enables the crews to practice all phases of the operation in advance. This provides confidence and reduces the risks of accidents and mishaps as the crews have experienced in advance how the operation will unfold and how to tackle it,” explains Michael Arnskov, sales manager at FORCE Technology.

Using virtual environments for training and engineering purposes is constantly evolving, Arnskov says, greatly stimulated by increased computational capacity and high definition visual systems which become more and more affordable.

“Our goal is to expand our virtual environment and include other aspects of offshore operations, both within the oil and gas sector as well as within renewables,” he adds.


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