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Foreship: ‘No necessary conflict between environmental responsibility and profitability’

Helsinki: The argument for ecoships remains as resonant today – despite crashing freight rates and oil prices – as it did a few years ago, argues a leading ship designer in today’s Maritime CEO interview.

Markus Aarnio is an svp at Finnish design firm Foreship.

“Paying for more energy than is actually required does not make for good business,” he says, adding: “There is no necessary conflict between the ideas of environmental responsibility and profitability.”

Aarnio believes that it’s easy for owners in a down market to rationalise why they aren’t going to invest in innovation, but innovation brings competitive advantage.

Among many ship efficiency projects Foreship is working on is a ‘Stator Fin’, which Aarnio reckons, will be a “game-changing” propulsion solution to optimise efficiency by minimising turbulence behind the propeller and so increase thrust.

Foreship is an independent, privately owned naval architect and marine engineering company staffed by more than 60 professionals.

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