Foul smelling containers to be returned to Manila

Manila: In the merry go-round that is the Manila port congestion saga, a number of boxes dispatched from the Philippine capital last week are to be returned. Some 16 containers that were moved to Subic Bay last week will be returned as they were found to be emitting a foul smell or leaking a still unidentified substance, according to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) officials.

SBMA chairman Roberto Garcia said the 16 containers were among the 721 shipped here on Friday in an effort to help decongest Manila’s port area.

“We found containers that have a foul smell. It looks like [there is] something [rotting] inside. We don’t accept such containers here in Subic so we have to return these to Manila,” he said.

“For the next shipment, we will be asking for a detailed description and summary of the content of each container,” Garcia added. [02/09/14]

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