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Four arrested in connection with Port of Montreal silver heist

Four men have been arrested in connection with last week’s audacious multimillion dollar theft of silver from the Port of Montreal, CTV News reported on Wednesday.

According to police some of the stolen silver, the total of which is valued at around $10m, has been recovered.

The ongoing operation involves more raids in other parts of the Montreal area.

The heist happened last Wednesday when a six-metre Maersk teu was loaded onto a white 1997 Freightliner truck at the port. The truck then drove away from the port with no alarm raised.

It took some time before the scale of the crime was realized.

The truck, stolen from the east of the city on the morning of the theft, managed to gain entry to the docks just in time to pick up the container and its 16 tonnes of silver.

The first break in the case came when the container was found empty on Saturday morning in Repentigny, an off-island suburb of Montreal.

Questions have been raised about a possible inside job as port authorities say their security is tight.

Donal Scully

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