Gas debate in Piraeus

Gas debate in Piraeus

Nick Brown from Lloyd’s Register reports from his company’s first Gas Shipping Forum in Greece, held yesterday.

Gas shipping – shaping the future, combining presentations and discussion of technical and commercial issues took place at the Laskarides Foundation in Piraeus. The programme was focused on essential technologies and commercial opportunities in the LPG sector, a market where Lloyd’s Register (LR) has the leading share of the orderbook both in Greece and worldwide. The day concluded with a look at broader gas market opportunities provided in a presentation by Dr Jonathan Gaylor of Affinity Shipbrokers.

LPG containment systems, including a GTT presentation on the potential transfer of membrane systems into LPG applications, were an area of focus. Additionally, shipowners’ perspectives on technology, innovation and markets were provided by CMM, Stealth Maritime, Benelux and Dorian LPG.

LR’s Anthi Miliou commented, “Our role is to help shipowners and technology providers make the best decisions based on the best technical insight and over 50 years of experience with gas. Bridging the technical and the commercial today, I think we shared a useful dialogue with the Greek market and with engine makers, containment and gas handling technology providers, shipyards and owners.”

Alexander Hadjipateras of Dorian, commented, “It’s good to mix the technical with the commercial”, while CMM’s Costas Vlachos said that, “The gas sector is special and complex – real know-how is demanded.” Anthi Milou concluded, “We are trying to help the market navigate that complexity.”

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