Gas production starts at Kebabangan

Kuala Lumpur: ConocoPhillips has announced the start of gas production from the Kebabangan (KBB) gas field, located approximately 60 miles offshore Malaysia. Production will ramp-up as pipeline capacity becomes available.

"This is the third major project startup planned in Malaysia this year, with Siakap North-Petai brought on stream in the first quarter and the Gumusut-Kakap floating production facility starting up in October," said Matt Fox, executive vice president, exploration and production. "These projects will contribute to the company's organic growth over the coming years."

Project startups in Malaysia are expected to add approximately 60,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOED) to the company's production volumes by 2017. The addition of these high-margin barrels are an important part of the company's overall plan to deliver annual 3 to 5% production and margin growth.

The Kebabangan integrated drilling and production platform is located in a water depth of approximately 450 ft. Production from the field will initially utilize six wells with gas exported via pipeline to the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal in Kimanis.

The field is operated by Kebabangan Production Oil Company, a joint operated company with ConocoPhillips Sabah and Shell Energy Asia each holding a 30% interest and Petronas holding a 40% interest.  [13/11/14]

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