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Gay slur lands Ashdod port union boss in hot water

Cairo: Transportation Minister Israel Katz on Tuesday demanded that Ashdod Port union chief Alon Hassan resign after Hassan called one of Katz’s supporters a “faggot” on Facebook, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Hassan, who has been the subject of corruption investigations and has clashed regularly with Katz over proposed port reforms, posted a photo of the minister on his Facebook wall on Tuesday stamped with the word “expired,” a response to a similar photo Katz posted of Hassan on Monday. In the ensuing tit for tat argument online Hassan labelled a supporter of Katz a “faggot”, a post that has subsequently been deleted but not quick enough to avoid Hassan landing in hot water for his ill judged outburst.

Katz has since called on Histadrut labour federation chairman Ofer Eini to immediately fire Hassan. [26/03/14]

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