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GIT Satellite Communications: Maritime visibility

Austin: Last week GIT Satellite Communications and Globe Tracker International, a pioneer of asset tracking and end-to-end cargo monitoring solutions, announced a strategic collaboration to integrate hardened satellite connectivity into the Globe Tracker Solution. The pair said the move was in response to increasing customer demand for continuous global visibility of intermodal containers and real-time cargo alarms even outside the scope of cellular communications coverage in remote areas.

GIT Satellite Communications provides design, integration, and specialty solutions to global markets. The company’s president and ceo, Ginger Washburn says, “The maritime industry growth rate has been moderate over the last few years and we expect to see the growth rate continue to climb. Global logistics and the ever increasing need for real time alert mechanisms will fuel this growth.”

Washburn says the focus for GIT is providing information assurance.

“Capabilities will continue to scale with new features that will become available with Iridium NEXT by supporting new devices with enhanced voice quality and broadband levels of data service with continued truly global coverage,” she says. Iridium NEXT is set to launch this quarter.

“The ability of Iridium satellite to provide a truly global end-to-end supply chain visibility tool will continue to increase in value with the growing security and communication challenges to the maritime community,” Washburn maintains.

Washburn’s past career included stints at Iridium and 20 years with Motorola.

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