Grimaldi Group bound for Cuba

Central America, and specifically the island of Cuba, will probably become the next important step for the Grimaldi Group’s business development process. The ceo of the Naples-based shipping company, Manuel Grimaldi, revealed to Splash: “We not only have received the US government approval to operate a marine route between the US and Cuba, but also we have been studying for two to three years now a project to set up also a new cargo and passenger terminal on the island.”

To obtain an ‘ok’ from the authorities – Grimaldi said – is quite simple, much harder is to build up a successful line for passengers and cargo and to realise a new port terminal. Grimaldi should have taken part in the Italian political mission currently underway on the island led by the premier Matteo Renzi, but he couldn’t due to other business commitments (among them the yearly Euromed Convention organized by his group in Barcelona this week).

Grimaldi Group comprises seven main shipping companies, including Atlantic Container Line (ACL), Malta Motorways of the Sea (MMS), Minoan Lines and Finnlines. With a fleet of some 120 vessels (owned and chartered), the group provides maritime transport services for rolling cargo and containers between North Europe, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, West Africa, North and South America. It also offers passenger services within the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea.


Nicola Capuzzo

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