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Gulf Oil Marine: Digital grease

Hong Kong-headquartered marine lubricant supplier Gulf Oil Marine is enhancing its digital technology offerings.

Gulf Oil Marine was established in 2008, and has since expanded its port coverage to more than 1,000 ports across 80 countries.

“We are constantly looking at ways of innovating our business, for example we use data to predict the most optimal lifting options for our customers, we achieve this by using our LOCUS system which we believe is unique in the lubricants business,” says David Price, CEO of Gulf Oil Marine.

According to Price, the company is now working closely with OEMs to develop new products that are suitable for use with all types of fuel in line with the shipping industry’s environmental developments.

Gulf Oil Marine has also teamed up with UK-based marine technology firm Azurtane to offer an integrated fuel and emissions monitoring system.

Price believes the ongoing challenge for ship operators is how to effectively utilise big data for making decisions. Gulf Oil Marine is readying to offer a system that is able to effectively translate the copious amounts of data into useful and meaningful information and insights for shipowners and operators, alleviating the costs of meeting the constraints and challenges that they face.

“Like many others, we have been adversely affected by the pandemic and we have had to learn to manage our business through this difficult time. We have done our utmost to ensure that our customers are not impacted by missed lubricant supplies, we recognise that shipping is an essential service has to go on,” Price says, adding that the industry will have to continue to evolve to adapt to the pandemic impact while the changes will continue and include infrastructure, crew management and processes on ships and in ports.

Going forward, Price reckons the company still has good space to continue on its growth journey for the next few years.

“We believe that we have the capacity to enter new markets and grow some existing marine sectors,” Price says.

“Innovation will take on greater focus, we will continue to use technology to improve our value proposition. Of course, we will continue to develop new products to ensure our customers are supplied with cutting edge product technology,” Price concludes.

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